Our Women’s Ministry provides opportunities for women to grow in their relationship with Christ and one another as we live, speak, and serve as the very presence of Christ in Raleigh. 

Bible studies, trainings, and service opportunities are designed to help women grow in knowledge of God and His Word and partner together to bring the hope of Christ to our community.  


Bible Studies


Sojourners is a nine month, in-depth study of the Scripture to know Jesus more. In the context of once a month large group teaching and small group discussion we will journey through Scripture tracing major redemptive themes that find their focus in Jesus. Sojourners aims to help women understand the storyline of redemption, know more fully the person and work of Jesus at the center of the story, and wisely apply the riches of the gospel to our everyday life. Registration is currently closed for the 2019-2020 year. Visit www.ctksojourners.org for more information.  


One to One Bible Reading is an opportunity for all women to study God’s Word and grow in our relationship with Christ and one another. Join us for the book introduction Bible study taught by CtK women at the various dates and times according to the Bible reading schedule. Then enjoy meeting with your One to One Bible reading partner for discussion and prayer over the course of a few weeks. 
At the introduction of a new book, women are encouraged to meet with a new partner. Looking for a One to One Bible reading partner?  Simply sign up and the One to One leadership team will connect you.  


In focus Mini-Conference

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November 15-16, 2019
Friday 7-9pm and Saturday 8:30am-12:15pm

Join us for our In Focus mini-conference on Anxiety—And the God Who is Near.

Do you find your heart worrying about the big and little cares of life? Is anxiety a constant background static in your life? Does panic ever grip you? We all experience fears on many levels and every level is significant. When fear grips us, who is God and how does he help us? We will find the specific help and hope of Jesus as we explore this topic and discover anew the God who is near.

Cost is $30. Cost for college student is $15.

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