In the New Testament, Paul reminds Corinthian Christians of the motivating principle for their generosity. Jesus gave up all of His eternal wealth that we might share in his riches. Therefore, it is out of an experience and awareness of this endless gift that we give to others. In doing so we learn generosity and joyfulness. Understanding the riches we possess in Christ frees us from unhealthy concern for our possessions and motivates us to invest our resources in God's eternal kingdom. It is our practice of the church in accordance with God's word to offer a sacrificial portion of all of our resources—time, skills, possessions—as an act of faith and gratitude in response to God's grace.



If you have any questions about online donations or alternative methods of giving, please contact CeCe Robeson. CtK is able to accept in-kind stock donations.

Contact us if you are interested in donating stock to the church.