We’re so glad
you’re here.

Sundays 9:00 am + 11:00 am


We are a community that embraces those who are exploring Christianity, those who are committed Christians, and those who are trying to recover a sense of a connection to God that they had in the past.  

It is a place for the skeptical, the curious, the doubter, the committed, the wounded, and the worshipper. We don't believe that we have it all together, nor is that the point.


It is so hard to evaluate any church on the basis of one - or even two - visits. 
God calls us into relationship with Christ, and more than anything else, that's what we want our church to be about: delighting in Jesus in worship; discovering Jesus in community, and displaying Jesus' kingdom in our lives.

Come 6 Times | Visit a Community Group | Attend a Visitors’ Coffee


We are a relationship-oriented church. God has called us to Himself in the gospel, to relationship with one another in community, then to bear witness to His kingdom in downtown Raleigh. 

We hope that you find joy and life in the gospel we preach and seek to live, that you find a home in our community life, and you find a sense of purpose in our collective calling to saturate our city with the gospel in word and deed.