Our Deacon Teams are servant leadership teams of men and women within our church who are working towards the completion of our missional and biblical goals. While these teams are overseen and led by our ordained deacons, ultimately the ministry of these teams is carried out by our entire congregation. Biblically we are all called to serve. If you have an interest in finding out more or if you are interested in helping to serve in any of these areas, please contact the appropriate team leader



Care Team

Serves to address the immediate needs that arise within the church and local community. We also walk with people beyond the immediate need to develop community that surrounds that individual with the love of Jesus. The Care Team seeks to serve relationally and respond to needs reactively.

Contact John Miller if you are interested in serving.


Missions Team

Serves our church by caring for the local and global missionaries that our church supports. This team thinks through how they can mobilize our congregation towards strategic global partnerships to help aid in the advancement of God’s kingdom. This includes helping to make financial decisions regarding giving to missionary partnerships, praying, supporting missionaries in a variety of ways, helping organizing the congregation for needed short term missions trips, etc.

Contact Dax Palmer if you are interested in serving.


Development Team

Serves our church by partnering with other churches and organizations to serve the local community. This includes serving with refuges, being an advocate for communities, helping people put thoughts into action and mobilizing the church. This team is distinct from the Care Team in that its actions are primarily proactive versus reactive.

Contact David Chattleton if you are interested in serving.

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Generosity Team

Serves our church by helping manage our church’s finances. This includes designing and overseeing systems for collecting donations and managing our existing finances. This team also provides financial stewardship classes for those who want help in examining their own management of finances from a biblical perspective.

Contact Jeff Lanser if you are interested in serving.