On behalf of the CtK Leadership, I would like to invite you all to join us on a new journey. We have arrived at a pivotal moment in the life of our church. It's not the first time we can say that. Back in 2003, this church nearly dissolved. But there was a group of people who said, "We can't close our church." Those people made a stand. They fought for the church to continue. We have a chance to join those who fought for the existence of this church by fighting, here and now, for the expansion of our church. Let me introduce you to the We Can't initiative.

We Can't is a strange title. We could have chose something more positive, but we wanted the ability and power of God to be at the heart of what we're doing. Living a life of faith in God means trusting God's strength more than our own. We believe God has given us a vision much bigger than any church could fulfill without totally depending on Him. Our theme verse for this whole initiative is Zechariah 4:6, "Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the Lord of hosts." That verse says it all. God is calling us to trust him for big things. He's telling us to pray big prayers.

Our first obedient step in this is We Can't. This is a one-fund initiative, meaning all regular giving and special giving will be combined into one unified fund. We currently operate on a $750K annual budget (over the next 2 years this will be $1.5M). We're trusting God to expand our generosity to reach a goal of $2.5 million over two years. That's an increase of about $1M during that same time. Those are big costs. But we thought of a bigger one: not doing this. Not swinging for the fences. Not praying big prayers. Playing house as a church. Settling for business as usual Christianity. Not doing this means not reaching greater Raleigh. It means settling for a veener gospel- miles wide but only inches deep.

We could do that. Churches do it all the time. But we want to do something that matters. We want to join hands with the pioneers who first kept our church alive by saying We Can't. And because of Christ, we believe that we can't really fail- except by failing to risk boldly and trust deeply and sacrifice for His purposes.

As our leaders considered this undertaking, there was a lot of discussion about our long-term vision and about what matters to CtK. The answers returned us, again and again, to the central mission of our church:

CtK exists to Live, Speak, and Serve as the very Presence of Christ in downtown Raleigh.

We believe that, through Christ alone, we can make those more than just words. Thank you for being a part of what God is doing at CtK. I pray that you will join us as we go all in on what God has planned for us.

Are you in?

- Geoff Bradford