We believe that counseling is a helpful private ministry of the word.  All people are meaning-makers.  We do it without thinking about it.  Sometimes, our functional theology doesn’t line up with our confessional theology.  Sometimes the suffering or temptations or relationships of our fallen world leave us confused and overwhelmed.  Sometimes, we are too close to relationship issues to see clear to what Biblical wisdom means in a particular setting.  Sometimes, we need more intense input than the body of Christ is equipped to handle.  Sometimes, our marriages need a tune-up.


Counseling is not for the problem children of the Kingdom of God.  We believe that skilled Biblical counselors can come alongside the church and help provide the 1:1 or 1:2 private ministry of the word that can be so helpful to sinners, sufferers, saints.  


Below are trusted counselors in the Triangle who have worked with CtK members and leaders and we commend to our community:

Bridgehaven Counseling Associates

Trinity Counseling and Consulting

Caroline von Helms, LMFT           2301 Stonehenge Drive Suite 110 Raleigh NC 27615                            919-995-6998

        Anne Larsen